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The reliable cloud technologhy is in Turkey with Turkey's First True Public Cloud Service available right now.

Infrastructure services (IaaS) by Cloudturk is a technology enabling customers to use any application on any cloud hardware of their preference. Using this infrastructure service enables companies to move their current applications to another place from the company data center and achieve cost-efficiency.

Cloudturk has built its overall IaaS platform on Cloud Security Alliance standards. We give assurance to our clients on the degree of Service Level Contract. Our clients can be a hundred percent sure of the fact that their information cannot be reachable by anyone else other than themselves.

Cloudturk is committed to not only developing superior technology for our customers but also building a world-class company. With this commitment to excellence comes significant responsibility to conduct ourselves in a fair, ethical and legal manner at every level of our organization and at every location where we do business. Sound principles of corporate governance are critical to achieving our goal of corporate excellence. Cloudturk promotes good corporate governance and ethics through a number of policies, procedures and practices.

Scalable - If you need resources but do not know the amount of the service you need, our cloud technology is just for you. Our cloud solutions enable companies to use one, two or a hundred servers whenever they need. Cloud services of Cloudturk are scalable according to your needs. When companies need server solutions, they prefer to use Cloudturk infrastructure instead of transferring to a new server because of cost-efficiency and security advantages.

Flexible - A flexible, predictable and transparent service, like the one at Cloudturk gives you the freedom of operating any application in any way you would like. Flexibility of the cloud enables you to activate even the most performance-demanding applications in a moment. The cloud server enlarges when needed and shrinks when the operation intensity is lower. With our technology, your applications are no more limited to the box it is located in.

Low Cost - Cloud information technologies offer you great financial benefits. You pay only for the resources you actually consume. At Cloudturk, data store reads and writes are individually billed (i.e. making requests). So, you really pay as you go! Cloud offers you a business model where many services including a large amount of computer server power, storage capacity and network bandwidth are available at a lower price.

Agile - Information technologies have become so complicated and growing every day. It is very difficult and costly to operate, manage and keep up-to-date in such a volatile environment for companies. Our customers can select the list of servers to activate and configure them with a mouse click. You can even use our iPhone or iPad app to manage your resources.

Get in touch with us right now and empower your company's cloud techonology needs. Send us an email at support@cloudturk.net.


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